Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday January 5 2011

Dinosaur play to start things off!
Jungle drawings
An idea from my gang: Let's make egg nog into whipped cream. Turns out it only gets frothy. Nothing like an experiment for figuring things out
George and Martha teach us about true friendship and the importance of not putting split pea soup into your slippers
Surreal collages
Using symbols to communicate
Uh-oh! A fashion show with clothing made by Mischief Man
A model shows off the impressive 2 ply ensemble
WEdnesday night is Game Night (Our new year resolution--a family game night) Break out the Uno cards
And cookies that were baked for the occassion
Followed by an intense game of crokinole
And checkers
This last photo is for my sister, Amy, who is living in la belle France.
Ames, I had to run across the street to my neighbour's for a quick moment. While I was in her living room I looked across the road and saw my kids jumping on the couches and somersaulting off the furniture (oh, when the cat's away the mice will play).
Anyway, just wanted to remind you of the time we were jumping on our beds and Dad called us from Grandma's house across the field and told us he could see our silhouettes through the window and could tell that we were jumping on the beds, and could we please stop that right away! Remember?!

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