Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Canada Day 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Yes, just for you...a blurry photo. Aren't you glad we're friends and I send you my best pictures?

For Canada Day I wanted to create a new tradition. So I made a new sandwich.
It looks like this in the magazine:
Yes, just for you a picture of a picture. Aren't you glad you are friends with such a silly photo dork?
Delish! Heaven in a dish!
Then off we went to check out the downtown festivities with the auto show. We ran into neighbours and friends and gave away a lot of HAPPY CANADA DAY wishes
Daddy and eldest daughter were invited to race against other locals. Here they are moments before the big race.
They had to race to the old cars, jump in with the driver and take off down the track. Daddy's car won!
Hurried home to finish making a cake for a BBQ at a fellow homeschool family's house
Took in the sights on the way to their house--wind turbines!
Rowdy, raucous games
And there may have been some attempts to slay robins with the light saber by my youngest
A great and mortal combat also ensued...
and there were casualties. grilled burgers
And amazing BEAVER cupcakes!
Go Robin with your culinary skillz
(Don't get crazy--say it like Bon QuiQui!)
Followed by a late night show of fireworks
Happy Canada Day!!!

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