Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday July 4 2011

It's Independence Day in the US, so we decided to meet up with our American friends and celebrate and take a trip a few hours away.
A walk through the rain in the water park
A photo op with those crazy cardboard cut outs
river watching
sand box playing
donating funds to the world's largest piggy bank

A stop for ice cream. And there are no pictures because I was too busy devouring my sundae!
Delish! Heaven in a dish!

Cuddles for my boys
the wooden labyrinth at the park
using the sound machine things
Learning about the local attitude
stopping to see rock slides from ages past
This blurry photo brought to you by yours truly. If you squint, you will see that it is a bird's nest. The robin was in her nest and entertained us for several minutes before taking flight
Geocaching--yes, another blurry photo by yours truly. The hits just keep coming. I'm like a has been 80's singer still trying to crank out the hits. Dodgy, at best.
Serenity found at a nearby lake

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