Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday August 12 2011

This morning we went to town.
When we go to town, the day is always filled with activity.
Today we went early.
Early is defined by me as a time before I get makeup on.
Thankfully, I can apply my makeup at high speeds...while my hubby drives! ;)
Also, early means that I break down and attend a fast food restaurant. So my children are treated to a MacDonald's hot cakes meal.
And then we head to an early morning nature walk.
And we are greeted by a garter snake
And then made quiet by the lush green of the forest
We went birdwatching...and there is a bird in the tree there. (truly, there is)
We loved seeing the woodpeckers, wrens, sparrows and many other birds we didn't identify but we know are real birds ;)
Over to the nature center to learn a few things about trees

We made a quick stop at the library...because our library system is so cool. They offer free...FREE!..passes to the museum. I am all about no cost adventures, so we picked up our pass and headed to the museum.

And we explored the museum. I love this museum because there are a lot of "hands on" opportunities for the kids. Of course, time to play with the dolls.
And we practiced zoning a city
learned about the zoo
used a coal miner's bunker
studied old school readers
found the souvenir shop where all the candy was located
And thought about stopping for tea! But we couldn't, because we had to get Daddy and jump in the car and zoom away to the magical land of ....
the LAKE!
We played wildly for an hour or so and then our friends showed up. Followed by a sweet surprise of more friends! Yay! Party at the lake!

We got busy doing the basics of lake time:
sitting in lawn chairs
watching kids tow seaweed
swim and float
toss water
catch minnows
And then....
off to another park for my best friend's birthday.
For 6 years, my friend Miss LoLo B has wanted to go to tubing down the river. But either she's been pregnant or just had a baby or the weather has been awful. But not this year. This year...this year we conquered the river (even though we nearly lost our sanity driving and working out car arrangements, even though we got covered in mud and nearly lost our shoes, even though we hit the slowest lull in the river and almost prompted a husband search and rescue team...after all the drama, we finally fulfilled the forever dream of conquering the river)
Happy Birthday, Girl!

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