Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday August 16 2011

Geoboard designs
Friends arrive and we head out for a nature walk!
and discover things great and small

glittering beetle in the center of this pic
finally! The Swamp!

We got our hands wet
and went exploring in the mud
We discovered many snails, slugs, worm, bugs, striders and all sorts of swamp nature.
then my batteries died
We headed out to the bridge and played Pooh Sticks (Think House at Pooh Corner boat races) and cherry bombs!
Then headed back home where we served a delicious meal of sammies.
The moms sat and listened to Cindy Rushton's audio show on homeschooling and was greatly encouraged.
cowboy art
long walk
library stop
Pool play
longer walk home
farewell, farewell,farewell
and then more Treasure Island audio listening

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