Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday August 8 2011

Things that I said today:

No, we won't be having ice cream for breakfast today or any day, unless its Saturday and you catch me in one of my goofy moods.

Thank you for this Christimas gift. I always wanted a Hulabaloo game. Did you wrap this yourself?


I should call Corrina.

Yes, your birthday is more than 30 days away.

Die, weed die!

Anybody want some ice cream?

I need to call Corrina.

Don't pee on the plants, please.


Yes, gardening can be tough work some times. But the food makes up for it.

I was just talking to Corrina.


The pool isn't that cold. Actually, it is that cold but I'm forcing you in here just the same.

Yelling the chorus lyrics to Leavin' by Paul Brandt out the window:
In a truck, in a train, in a car, in a bus
Change my luck, can't stay, going far, in a rush
Got that getaway feeling
I'm Leavin' Hey!

And don't forget to moisturize your neck. The neck never lies. If you don't moisturize your neck it comes back to haunt you in your fifties. Then you start wearing July.

I'm going to kiss the kids while their sleeping. Be right back.

Really? A remake of Dirty Dancing? No one says "No one puts baby in the corner" the same way. You can't remake that. First, they redo Footloose, now this. Don't even get me started on how no one should mess with the Kevin Bacon classic. You just can't recreate Holding Out For A Hero. They are going to mess it all up with flashy movie stuff that's used today. Now I sound old.
I'm this far away from waving my hands in the air and blaming everything on Trudeau.


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