Friday, September 2, 2011

Creating Power Moments

5...4...3...2...1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
The shouting begins, strains of Auld Lang Syne strain to fill the air over the shouts and well wishes of everyone. Let the kissing begin. Letting the pretend singing of Auld Lang Syne happen where everyone mumbles the words while that one Aunt belts out the words clearly because she actually knows them. Raise a glass. Tell yourself this year will be different and smile at your friends and family.

When you read the above...did you feel it? Just for a second, did you find yourself back in time wearing a ridiculous hat and swaying to the overused song.
If so, I'll tell you why it happened.
It's because Happy New Year, at some point in time,was a power moment for you.

A moment infused with energy, emotion, and enthusiasm.

A power moment usually has music or colour and lights or flamboyant gestures. It stands out from among the rest of the moments that happen because you connected emotionally with the moment. All 5 senses were engaged and you were truly present in the moment.

School begins next week at my house. And I love to start things off with a Power Moment.
I think it sets the tone for the year. It gets us all excited that we are heading in a new direction as a family.

And we get to wear corny hats.

I am being hush-hush quiet and not posting for the next few days because I don't have a shop full of elves to do all my dirty work. It must be pulled together and pulled off by yours truly and her handsome sidekick Jeep.

So, until Tuesday, friends.

Tell me...what are you doing to start off the new year of school with a bang?

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Anne Therese said...

Hi 5minute Mom,
My Mother is Mama Therese... so you should know me. I am the youngest one. :D

I have a blogging award for you over at my blog

In Christ!

~Anne Therese