Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Accept Being Great with Great Humility

Seems that I've won myself a blog award! Yahoo for me! Yahoo for you because really without you reading my blog this would just be a journal that I published online that no one read.
Oh wait...it kind of is that.

Anyway, the reason I am most excited about winning this award is because....it means I actually have someone reading this blog. Someone who is other than my friend Christine. Christine reads my blog faithfully. So, as you can see, it is a happy day for me...I have two readers who read my blog.
Two down...rest of the world to go.

Now on with the award show.

In order to fulfill this award I have to say seven things that I like and pass on the award to other blogs that I like.

First things first,though. Since this is my award, I can accept it however I like.
Let's imagine that I have my hair done up and I'm wearing that black dress and diamond outfit that Audrey Hepburn is famous for. Eyelashes included. Long, fake unnecessary cigarete thing is optional.

Here is my speech, written as though Jane Austen would have said it.

Anne Therese, it is with great delight, and with somewhat of a surprise nature on my part, that I most humbly accept this blog award from you. You know far better than I do what lovely things are out there in the world, That I am considered among them flatters me a great deal and leaves my heart thankful for your friendship and kind manners. In parting, it must be said that your own creative way of blogging has most profoundly effected me for the two minutes that I read it. I leave changed. A better woman. Wiser, as well. It should come as no surprise that since we both adored the BBC film version of Emma starring Romola Garai that we are, in short, of the same heart, mind and opinion on all things that are lovely and in good taste. I, too, enjoy washing dishes and therefore have concluded that we are Loveliness personified. Thank you all. Good night.

Now here are seven things that I like:
1. I like water. I grew up beside water. Water and I are like this: (imagine two fingers crossed showing a perfect example of being really close)
2. I like poetry. The Gowden Locks of Anna by Robert Burns is one of my favourite poems. (Click here to hear it in song form)
3. I like to eat peanut butter from the jar
4. I like having staring contests with my husband
5. I like to smile
6. I like the synergistic blend of cheese and salsa on nachos
7. I like to drive down the highway really fast to the song "Leavin" by Paul Brandt, especially at the part where it sounds like the song is accelerating. I accelerate and drive really fast and pass all the cars by yelling "Here I Go!" with the windows rolled
down. Weeeeeeeeeee!

I am supposed to award the blog to 15 others. But I don't read that many blogs.
I only read a few.
So I will nominate two of them.
1. SE7EN-If you want to learn about homeschooling, you learn from a mama of se7en+1 kids. She has it all. Plus she does all my web hunting for me. Every Friday she provides me with oodles of links and I look at them because she likes them. She also got me hooked on PinInterest and so I am forever indebted
I love her blog because she gives away meaningless points, she says BOO! when things go bad, her son always breaks his glasses (and when I say always, I mean always) and she always posts the same picture of her father-in-law. I could say more but I think the photo of her father-in-law says it all.
see what you are missing? Go check out her site!

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