Monday, October 17, 2011

I Just Want My Program Plan to End

I have been trying to write my Program Plan for three weeks now.
Remember my little post back in the day where I made Program Plan writing sound like something any clown could pull off. 
Well, stick a red rubber nose on me and send me to the circus because, apparently, I should take up juggling.
It`s easier than writing Program Plans.
(But I`ll refuse to work for the circus as a clown...because look at the shoes that come with the job. Puh-lease. A girl has got to have some standards.)

Anyway, here is my stumbling block.
It`s the actually GOAL Planning part.

I decided that tonight was the night.
The final performance at Cirque de So-Crazy-Mom.
``Tonight,`` I declared to myself, ``I finish my Program Plans.``

To get started, I distracted myself by listening to my favourite Luke Bry*n song: I don`t want this night to end.
Wrong choice, my friends.
I should have took the tune to be foreboding and telling.
Because....after writing and tweaking and pulling up every possible word I can use to describe the methodology of learning at my house, I am most certain of one thing:
Luke Bry*n--I want this night to end.
In fact, I want my two hours back.
I can`t pull this thing together.

It`s not that I don`t have goals. It`s just that they are all character based. And I don`t really have academic goals. I mean, I unschool. Everything is about learning unfolding at my child`s pace and following their interests. We don`t use curriculum, and for the first time I wished we did. Just so I can write:
The goal of this year in science is to Finish Book A of the Amazing Curriculum Book of Science.

I am floundering, my friends.
I am panicking.
I have my hands up. And it`s nothing like Luke Bry*n`s song. 
It`s not a happy dance.

I realize that putting this out there sounds like I`m certifiable.
Or misguided.
Or just plain not very good at the paperwork end of homeschooling.
I`m ok with that.
I have alternatives. Just start the trapeze show and buy yourself a bag of popcorn. Me and my red nose will be right there.

So, if anyone knows how to write goals for those who don`t follow curriculum then leave me a comment.
Teach me.
I`m sure all that is involved here is me unlearning the `school-y` ways of doing things and approaching this from a different angle.
And if you can teach me, I promise that you will get a front row seat when I perform a unicycle ballet to Luke Bryan`s song at my next circus performance.


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Camie said...

Ah...Life as it unfolds - in seasons! Make your goal to be molded and used by the Holy Spirit in all that you do that it my be well with Him. And everything else? The Lord is faithful to meet you there...I am learning that my ways are not His and that I can make as many plans as I want but ultimately He directs my course and His ways are always better! xoxox