Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Well, it's happened.
Just as it always does. 

Remember my little post about us going back to our last spot of success in math and picking up from there.
Well, a few days of games and what not and my girl decides she's ready to tackle the multi-digit multiplication again. 
Her father and her have a tet-a-tet about the basics of this complex approach to math.
And within a few minutes, she's off and doing the math problems as happily as can be.
Solving them correctly and humming while she does!

Mark my words. 
Write them down.
Tattoo th-  --nevermind.

If you are having trouble in an area of learning with your child, go back to your last place of success. Camp out there for a few days. Remind your child how competent they are. Give them confidence to face the next step. And when you are ready for that next step, break the problem down into smaller pieces. And tackle it one bite at a time.

Go back to go forward.
Quote me on it.

Just don't use it as words on my tombstone.
It will make no sense.

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