Sunday, October 14, 2012

If the pumpkin fits, wear it. -Unknown

As previously mentioned, we are in love with 3-d shapes of late. It's all we can talk about. Spheres, Cylinders, Square based's all the rage over here.

We are loving shapes in a big way. Perhaps due to the hexaflexagon madness that inspired us from youtube.
Have you seen it?
Well, let me share this with you.

And this:

We spent the remainder of the day saying, "Really, it's not that hard."
"No, diagram." 


3d sculptures

Then we grew bored of that and decided to try a spelling game involving contractions.
We rounded up the usual suspects (markers, crayons and dice)

made up some nifty words that needed to be contracted

and took turns rolling the dice and spelling the contraction.
I loved the game, my eldest said, "Once is enough. Really."
(followed by more jokes of "No, diagram!)

Then off we went to do various learning of 3-d shapes, art and science while listening to the fourth installment of Elizabeth Enright's Melendy family. Have you heard the Four Story Mistake or The Saturdays? You should. We love the Audiobook.

 I, being in a goofy mood, decided that perhaps some frivolty was needed. Oranges gone wild.
And since we needed to cut up a pumpkin for pie making, why not make it an event. ..

 involving faux Rice Krispie pumpkins.
Oh, the culinary art that can be done with a decent batch of Rice Krispies.
And masking was a necessity before fully cooking our pumpkin for pie!

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