Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Why not upset the apple cart? If you don't the apples will rot anyway?- Frank A. Clark
A day dawns to the smell of Apple Pancakes...already, my kids know:it's going to be a grand day.

We are currently obsessed with 3-d shapes. We spend a great deal of time creating them.

And taking time to be thankful

We spend some discussion over the findings of this morning's nature walk
(isn't that leaf on the right cool? It's completely half-yellow/half-green)

Our yard is visited by a plethora of birds. We spend a good half hour trying to name each one. Much fun is found using our nature books and binoculars.
Our second last batch of tomatoes has ripened. We group them into groups of five and practice skip counting before making the most glorious spaghetti sauce known to mankind. 
Find it here

How about you...upsetting any apple carts of late?

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