Monday, November 26, 2012

Disrespect: A Heart Attitude Pt. 2

More great pictures and drawings from yours truly illustrating the heart attitude of Respect.
Another amazing mind map!

We keep rockin' the flower/plant metaphor and start at the root of it all.
We first talk about how our hearts need to be in a place of humility.
Reading several scriptures on humility we write out that a humble heart is a heart that:
listens to and follows counsel
repents and forgives
has a willing spirit or attitude
is a soft heart

The base of our plant is called "Peace from a Renewed Mind."
We talk about the Romans 12:2 that admonishes us to renew our minds--to think fresh thoughts, thoughts that fall into the category of Philippians 4:8 
When we think those thoughts instead, we focus on having:
a thankful heart
rest in God's love for us and others 

That grows into one of two flowers.
The first one we focused on was Obedience Through Honouring Actions

The actions that flowed out of a heart of humility and a renewed mind are:
submissive spirit

The other flower that has bloomed is Respect through Honouring Communication

(ignore the purple line through the flower, it was made by a little person pretending to be Harold and the Purple Crayon)

Respect through Honouring communication looks like:
waiting your turn to speak
accepting others views, accepting the terms
giving your full attention
using words of encouragement
having a calm demeanor
As you can see, the Respectful Plant is almost the exact opposite of the Disrespectful Plant

Come back tomorrow to see how I use both of these incredible drawings to mediate through issues of disrespect.

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