Thursday, November 22, 2012

Disrespect: A Heart Issue Pt. 1

Today you will all encounter my mad skillz in mind mapping.
Try not to be jealous
(snort through the nose)

Yesterday, I went over the fact that disrespect is a heart issue.
Today, I am going to show you how we are using a mind map to mediate through episodes that involve disrespect at our house.

This is a drawing of a root.
Please, hold your applause. I am trying to resist being proud here.
That was a pun, people.
Because the ROOT of the issue involving disrespect is a Proud Heart.
We went through a few scriptures that describe pride and picked a few things that stood out to us:
hard heart
refusing to forgive
rejecting counsel

Again, another exemplary drawing, another of my many talents--the stub of the plant....
We discussed how anger is an emotion that tells us that our feelings have been hurt.
If we don't deal with our anger (forgive, confront the situation and bring resolution)
then we will let angry thoughts spin around in our head.
It springs up from a proud heart and forms the base of our plant.

Unchecked anger develops into:
bitterness from unforgiveness
fear and anxiety
There is two ways this anger can go...
Brace yourself for another gem from the artistic mind of yours truly...
I call this piece "The Stem of the Plant Known As Disobedience Through Sinful Actions"
(I'm expecting a commission job any day now)

We then discussed what Disobedience Through Sinful Actions looks like:

Next, I uncovered more artistry...
Disrespect Through Sinful Communication

It was easy to come up with many "petals" to this plant because this is what is in full bloom at our house.
Looking at different scriptures we listed the various forms of Disrespect:
raising your voice (clarified after some discussion to mean 'raising your voice during a conflict' and not 'calling someone in for dinner')
unwholesome talk (swearing, rude words, etc.)
rolling eyes
name calling
angry countenance
rolling eyes. Apparently, I wasn't paying attention the first time I wrote it
(or perhaps it is an artistic statement with a double meaning...who knows what mysteries lie inside my art?)

This is the end result!
Please, put your money away...this isn't for sale.
Save your dollars for those in need.

In my next post, I will talk about how we use this mind map to mediate through issues that arise at our house.


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