Friday, November 9, 2012

Girl, You are Outta This World

The oldest picture book in our possession is the midnight sky. -E.W. Maunder

A birthday party was asked for in the theme of Outer Space.
A planet cake!
My daughter decided that she wanted the planet order from the Sun to Neptune.
We used various candies and icing to create the cake. My girls decorated most of it.

She's so proud of her cake! 

We made a candy Guide to the Galaxy. In every jar, there is a candy that represents one of the planets and other items in space. Like....

a rocket! Blast off!

And the "man in the moon" candy!

My happy crew!

Our birthday party started in our living room. we went to great lengths to black out the room.
Then using a cardboard box and Christmas lights, they got into their rocket ship.
Blast off!

Into space!

Thanks to the power of our hand held Christmas ornament/disco ball.
(The cool atmosphere of this party cost me $3.49 and the kids were wild about it)
We played a game we made up called Meteor Attack.
Those in the rocket ship would fly along until someone yelled "Meteor Attack" then everyone would throw balloons at the rocket ship. The only way to get away from the meteors was for the rocket occupants to yell "Warp Speed!"
At that point, we would then spin the disco ball really fast and create a "Star Wars" type of warp speed look.
This game was a huge hit and went on for quite a while.

Then we stopped and visited the Moon.

Followed by several rounds of Glow in the Dark hide and seek.
Very simple game. 
Hide the glow sticks. 
Each team has to find their colour.

Present time!

Mayhem ensued as gifts were opened 
And looky here, a clown showed up at the party!

Then it was candle blowing out time!
And everyone ate loads of cake. 
And  with that much candy and cake in everyone's system, they started climbing the walls.


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