Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 8

The day begins with decadence...
crunchy French toast with whipped cream topped strawberry banana smoothie

The Book Cookie Jar
As my daughter reads a book, we write the title onto a cookie.
Then we add the cookie into the jar.
When the jar is full of books she's read, we will make some cookies together!

A fun spelling game
Math games

A few rounds of Farkle!

This past weekend we were in the city and visited the library there. We tried to show self-control but it was very hard....70 books later, we left.
We chose 5 different books on chemistry as we realized it was a while since we had done anything with chemistry.
The book we brought out today is Kitchen Science.
Loads of fun!

There are many experiments and we had most of the materials needed for the experiments.

We learned about popcorn seeds rising to the top and salt remaining under

Then a great time of fun with pressure and potatoes.
This was very fun and we stabbed this potato many, many times

Amazing floating eggs and the effects of salt water and pure water on eggs
Watching milk become colored and the effects of dish soap on milk


Then we brown bagged it and tested several food on the brown paper bag.
Interesting....oils leave the biggest impression on the paper 

This was fun. We mixed food colouring and vinegar with warm milk. Drained the casein, and had...

pliable milk.
We used cookie cutters to make shapes out of the soft material

A host of ice experiments followed,
including the ever popular "string on ice" trick.
It's funny how excited one can still get after you salt the string and find that you can actually lift up the ice cube. So fun!

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