Thursday, January 10, 2013

Know Any Good Stories?

I was feeling under the weather today.
Sick and laid up with the cold that is going around and seems to have everyone talking through their nose.
Being sick does make you think of your Mama.
You remember the way she would bring you hot lemon tea to soothe your throat.
She would lay her soft hand on your head and pray words of comfort and healing over you. They would fall down on me like a shower from a bubble breaking.
My mama would entertain me with stories of her childhood--wild berry picking, how she met my Dad and their whirlwind romance.
I would snuggle under the blankets and hold her hand while she sang to me hymns and old songs from her childhood.
She'd whisper that I shouldn't talk. Tuck me in. Kiss my forehead and tell me to rest.
Being sick is a time to miss your mama.

Today I miss mine.

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