Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day back-2010-2011 begins!!!

I set the table the night before with some old-new things. Old crayons made new when melted together in muffin tins and the pencil crayons are there for color and drama...because nothing screams drama like a red Laurentian pencil.

See...dramatic, non?

My kids woke up to Buddy (who is totally stoked for a new year of learning, by the way) at the door of the little school house. Inside the door is the first clue to a long treasure hunt.

Here is clue two on our chalkboard door

It eventually lead to a big pile of fun stuff under that stack of lights...which lead to breakfast.

Sometimes I have to exhibit my mad-mama skills. This is one of those times. Breakfast today was also a clue of our theme for the week...which is Umbrellas!!! This took 5 minutes to make and I love the outcome! So did my kids.

Discovering one set of goodies

Getting right into it--Fall art!

Devotions and study of "Some Gave All" book
Read heaps of Umbrella stories

Perhaps the most exciting goal of the year!!!! Yes, learning and training begins today.

Double Shutter
CHARACTER development--a lot of it
Math in the form of "We've killed 6 house flies and there are two more flying around. That makes eight in the house!"

Spelling and word searches

The most obscure directions ever came with these wooden cutouts
1.press out wooden shapes
2. Look at photo and assemble
3. Enjoy your new insect

Ahem--I go on record saying that those are very poor instructions. However, we had a good go of it and we mediated our way to a finished product.

Our Gratitude journal

Umbrellas--We are ready for the rain. Let it come!

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