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Monday 03-21-11

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The day began with reading

And a realization.

My daughter didn't have much of a birthday party this year. We were in the thick of my husband's rehabilitation pre-surgery and I was low on sleep and innovation.So instead of a party, we escaped to the US for a trip.
That was a couple of months ago.
Since then every once in awhile my little girl would say, "So, how come I didn't have a party with my friends again?"
Normally, I would tell my little princess to buck up and move on with life. But once I started to ask her some questions, I saw how very important it was to her to have a party. Not for the gifts, but rather to have a tea party with her friends.

With the realization that one of my daughter's favourite friends were having a sleepover at the neighbour's house, I made a few phone calls and arranged to have a tea party.

My amazing neighbour made lemon cupcakes for the event.

We made chocolate covered strawberries for the party--the ultimate friendship food

And provided sabers for spearing the strawberries

A sugar cube tower was a well loved table decoration
Tea served on fine china
I read the book Listen to the Wind (It's the story of Dr. Greg and the Three Cups of Tea). The art work is amazing. So we decided to make tea cups in similar style as the book.

one princess works very hard designing the tea cup pattern

And once the cup was decorated, we took real tea and painted with tea bags, giving the cup a truly tea-stained look
A lot of trees were injured in the making of this project
And the kitchen was made into a crazy mess! Now, while the girls were working they were talking about their favourite parts of parties. One said the cupcakes, another said 'presents' and then another said, "I like the treat bags we get to take home.' DUNH-DUNH-DUNH!
Guess who forgot that? stick your hand up in the air if you forgot the fun little party favours.
I smile at them and say, "That's nice." Then scramble to my craft cupboard, thinking, "TEA,TEA,TEA...what kind of favours can you get from a tea party and my cupboard that has no junk food in it, hmmmmm..." And then, I saw the egg carton....proving once again that necessity is the mother of invention.

Pipe cleaners + egg carton = paper tea cup.
The day is saved.
Yay for last-minute-panic-creativity!

And now for the reveal: our famous artists worked hard creating these incredible cups. Don't you love the real tea in the tea cup? so cool.

More works of art
then time to open gifts. My amazing neighbour actually bought a gift for this little re-make birthday tea party. And, of course, all the girls made my daughter special bracelets and necklaces. This is one of the gift bags. It's now hanging on my wall.

The gift turned out to be a tiara crown and princess shoes. Here, my daughter is being crowned

All this party works up quite the appetite. Princess picnic on the floor (because the table is holding the drying tea cup art)

Dr. Greg is right. A lot of good things can happen with Three Cups of Tea.

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