Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day 17-03-2011

Look, a rainbow in the sky!
And at the end of the rainbow there was--gasp--a pot of gold!!
And when the pot of gold was searched, lo and behold, look what was in it?! A treasure hunt clue!

This clue was a golden coin found under the pot of gold.

This clue was located in the brown sugar and told my girls where the next clue was
Yes, this clue was in the potato sack and told us to look in...the...

artsy egg carton that has papers torn for a craft were doing to do later
This is my daughter wearing green glasses and our chalkboard door decorated for today's holiday
Breakfast consisted of a rainbow made from fruit
and Happy face waffles
Naturally, a game of blokus occurred in the grid of the waffles

We did our devotions talking about luck vs. blessings. Luck is something that happens to you by chance. Blessings are from God and will happen to us because He is good.
Talked about the many types of blessings (blessing God with praise, blessing others, etc. We studied the Beautitudes.) Afterwards, we decided on various ways to bless each other today, our neighbours and Japan. We settled on where we would donate to help those in need after the earthquake/tsunami crisis.

Throughout the day the pot of gold was found to have treats inside. All were eagerly devoured.

Naturally, we had to learn about who St. Patrick was--and Veggies Tales flannel graph did quite nicely, thank you.
Rainbow crafts using the aforementioned craft paper egg carton. We talked about Ireland and rainbows and the promise that we can remember and thank God for whenever we see a rainbow. ( I love that there is a rainbow around God's throne. A constant reminder of his covenant with us is ever before Him. God's so cool!)
The makings of an O Henry bar
Rainbow snack day! Gotta love the "mushroom clouds"

We sat and watched the first part of Lord of the Dance. I can't ever decide which scene I like best. I love the Warriors number for the way it is staged, choreographed and the speed progression...but the acoustic rhythm of the Warlords dance is top notch. Ah lass, 'tis a toss up!
Irish soda bread

more rainbows to eat--jello
the mischievous and very green leprechauns

the leperchauns steal quietly across the street
we felt it necessary to leave a explain the footprints in the house
here is the path that the leperchaun took

And rainbow jello in the fridge

Of course, the jello needs to be discovered through a treasure hunt. The kleenex box is a clever trick,non?

The Irish have many blessings that the bestow on others. We gave our rainbow blessings away...and I forgot to write the Aaronic Blessing on the back--duh! The whole point of the activity!

After our leperchaun mischief was over, it was time to do some....
potato prints!
Followed by a meal of (surprise,surprise) rainbow veggies, potato and leek soup, Irish soda bread and a dessert of...
Shamrock Shake!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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