Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday 3-16-2011

The day starts with a house for our little friends...quite the palace for these two kids, eh?
Making frozen milk concoctions for later in the day
Discovering the wonder and the "crunch" of breaking thin ice

The library tells us like it is.

Yay!!! This is just fresh from the library. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!
Matching numbers with buttons
new novel by my eldest--coming soon: If I had A Dog...
A great game for toddlers: draw 4 dots on several pieces of paper. Have your child cover up each dot, repetitively. Count out loud to 4.

Adding onto our Lent Tree
Mexican oranges
I don't think volcanoes ever get old for kids of all ages
Introducing a little friend to the wonders o bicarbonate and vinegar
Tea time with some an old friend
Dino sticker art by my Little Man
Paper chain rainbow hangs from the roof, a pot o gold underneath...first thing the kids will see when they wake up

Magic making in the kitchen
Prep for an art project tomorrow--sweet dreams

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