Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday 3-22-11

This morning I woke up with the heavy realization that I did not get enough sleep.
It was a revelation that crashed upon me several times throughout the morning. The cobwebs of last night's rest clouded up and covered over any thoughts and ideas I had for life and learning today.
So I did the next best thing.
I had a cup of tea.
And told everyone to keep their voices low.
And thought about doing the dishes but chose to sat on the sofa and read stories instead.
Complex tasks aren't well performed without much sleep.
Today...dishes are a complex task.
Around one o'clock I felt alive enough to engage in learning with my precious kids. Here's what happened:
Colorful Qwirkle
Memory matching
Ok, this is my daughter doing her math outside.
Now, here is something of a phenomenon...I got her the Gamma math book (Math-u-see) at her request. She had said, "Mom, I'm ready for the next book. Please get it for me."
So I did.
It arrived on Saturday. I had thought that we would get to it sometime next week or next month. Anyway....she sat down and in a few days is almost done lesson 7. (They are 6-7 pages per lesson. Yes, I am boasting a bit on my girl!)
But wait....there's more... here is the kicker.
Are you ready?
I have not taught her multiplication.
I have not once sat down to explain the concept. We read one book in the past four months that talks a bit about multiplication. She has not watched the video lessons on how to do this. The DVD is still in plastic wrap because, as you know, I was expecting to start this up next week some time.
I've checked her work and all the answers are correct. CORRECT.
And I have not taught her a thing about multiplication.
Even though I unschool (kinda) and know that my kids will be ready to learn when they are ready to learn... I am still stunned when they learn and master something when they are ready.

I'm proud of my girl. She knew she was ready and dove right in. And now, she and her math book are best friends.
Orange snow slushies courtesy of food colouring
Me helping the kids build our snowman
here's Sir Walter
and Miss Elizabeth
Sir Walter takes a hit from the sun and struggles to regain his composure
Reading stories
Telling jokes "How do you make time fly?"
"Throw a clock out the window!!!"

A visit from our main man, Louis! yay for the best facilitator ever!
Always encouraging time and feel so positive about life and learning after a chat with Louis.
Louis put up with many questions and presentations tonight.
We should crown him King Louis...like this song here, non?

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